The 1000 Mile Club - Day Twelve

The final day of this year’s challenge dawned bright and sunny, which matched the mood of the awesome foursome as they saddled up for the final push to York, to their families, and to being able to get up the next day without having to wear lycra!

The prospect of just 65 miles back to York from Whitby felt like a walk in the park, despite the effects of the marathon the day before. The smiles were soon wiped off their faces as they took on the ridiculously steep Blue Bank to climb up onto the North York Moors. Miles and Olly probably thought this was their last chance to force Gary into “negging out”, but he stayed positive even as the incline hit 1:4 near the top – “I love stupidly steep roads, me! Look at the wonderful view!” Miles and Olly start looking in their wallets…

The guys were soon calculating how much they had left to do to complete the challenge – just 4.5% left, then 3.2%, etc, which spurred them on through Pickering and Malton. By 13:30 they were approaching the finish line at the Dawnay Arms in Newton on Ouse, just north of York.

The boys rolled into the pub car park four-abreast at 13:35, and were welcomed by their families and a good turnout from Park Leisure Head Office. An incredible achievement by all four members of the team, who cycled just over 1000 miles, climbed 950 metres up Snowdon, ran 28km, and paddled 2000 metres in kayaks. All for a great charity in Walking with the Wounded, which was brought home for all of us by meeting the inspirational Andy Reid at Leigh Centurions.

Well done guys, and a massive thanks to all the Park Leisure staff and owners who have contributed their own fundraising efforts, and who helped organise the various challenges along the route.

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