Pep Up Your Pumpkins This Halloween

Pep Up Your Pumpkins This Halloween

As excited as we are for Halloween here at Park Leisure, we know that not everyone is into the spine-tingling spectacles – but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on the autumnal fun! With this in mind, we’ve put together some alternative ideas for decorating your holiday home with pumpkins, so you can enjoy the fun of the season without the spookiness...     

Bird Feeder

Add a seasonal supplement to your regular bird feeder this October!

  1. Cut your pumpkin in half and scoop out the contents, leaving a half-inch wall. Cut a half-inch-deep groove in the rim for seeds.
  2. For perches, poke holes through the pumpkin and insert twigs.
  3. To hang, knot two lengths of twine together in the centre, and tack the knot to the feeder base.
  4. You can then fill your new autumnal feeder with your choice of bird seed.

Skin Cream

Pumpkin is not only filled with beta-carotene, antioxidants and vitamins C and A, but is also a good exfoliator. Pumpkin puree, when combined with natural ingredients like cinnamon and coconut milk, can create products that are good for your skin, and also smell delicious. Pumpkin scents can help you relax and sleep better, especially if you add a touch of vanilla or calming lavender.

Pumpkin Vase

Create a unique autumnal centrepiece using a pumpkin.

  1. Cut a hole in the top of a medium to large pumpkin and scoop out the contents.
  2. Place a bowl or glass filled with water inside the pumpkin.
  3. Insert flowers, branches, etc.

Candle Holder

Take a small or miniature pumpkin and remove the stem, making sure that the top is smooth. Place a votive candle where the stem used to be and enjoy a cosy autumn glow.

Decoupage Pumpkin

Jazz up your autumn display with customised decoupage pumpkis.

  1. With a foam brush, spread an even coat of PVA glue onto your pumpkin and on the back of your image.
  2. Press the image onto the pumpkin, smoothing out any air bubbles. Repeat for the remaining images.
  3. Finish off by applying a thin layer of PVA over the entire pumpkin and let dry for one full day.

Gold Thumbtack pumpkin

Add a bit of bling to your Halloween décor!

  1. Using either gold or silver thumbtacks, start from the base and press pins around the circumference of the pumpkin, overlapping slightly to not leave any gaps.
  2. Begin a new line of tacks above, again overlapping. Repeat these steps until the entire pumpkin is covered.

Mini Vampire Pumpkins

Using miniature pumpkins and fancy dress vampire teeth, you can add a new level of fear to your Halloween pumpkins! Make an oblong hole in your mini pumpkin and insert the fangs - you can use the inside of the fangs as a guide for the shape.

Cross-stitch pumpkin

A spooky twist on a traditional pastime.

  1. Once you have carved the inside of your pumpkin, draw out your pattern on paper and then decide where you will need your holes.
  2. Using a kebab skewer, poke through the wall of the pumpkin.
  3. Using a large needle or your hands, feed some twine through the holes to create your masterpiece.


Content attributed to Amanda Hawkins, Good Housekeeping (read the full article here) and Kristina Grosspietsch, (read the full article here).

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