Brynteg Leisure and Spa

Relax and rejuvenate with luxury treatments including massage, facials and manicures all in the relaxing and welcoming environment of our on-park spa

Step in and tune out

Brynteg Holiday Home Park Spa is the perfect place to rediscover your wellbeing in a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. Our quiet rooms and ambient surroundings allow you to step away from the hustle and bustle of holiday making, and unwind with a pampering session that will restore balance and harmony. Reward yourself with a choice of luxurious therapies from our Spa Menu – there’s no wonder the word treatment begins with a ‘treat’!

Full relaxing body massages and facials plus a host of other treatments are offered by our experienced therapists in very comfortable surroundings

Spa at Brynteg’s Beauty Treatment menu and price list

In addition to our treatment suite you can treat yourself with a range of therapies available throughout the year in the Leisure centre.

Hydrotherapy Pool

The sea shell shaped pool which runs at a constant 35 degrees Celsius offers a range of invigorating and tingling water therapy and massages, whether it is to your head and neck from several water jets or your whole body after being immersed in the warm water. It is a great self service treatment for de-stressing after a busy day or week in work.

Scandinavian Pine Sauna

Take in the pine and eucalyptus aroma when you enter and it almost takes your breath away in the nicest sense. A total immersion in 75c degree dry heat for those that prefer the heat to a steam room and a really great way to detox your body. But make sure you drink plenty of water afterwards and then go to our new tepidarium to relax for the next 20 minutes.


Used by the Romans after a steam or sauna or after a spell in the Amphitheatre to relax and unwind the body whilst you lie on lovely warm mosaic tiled beds and take in the slightly humid atmosphere to help re-hydrate your body before the next step. Relaxing background music will complete this experience!

Steam Room or Turkish Bath

Hot and very humid like a rain forest, but even hotter and with a twinkling starry sky to gaze up at through the eucalyptus fragranced steam. 15 minutes is all you really need, but you will feel totally detoxified after you relax and ready for anything, especially our stunning and fun rainforest shower.

Rainforest Shower

Not just any shower; the hot water is infused with rose essence and the cold is infused with mint to try in between treatments or at the end to refresh your body. Lots of fun too.

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