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2021 Christmas Quiz

The festive season in well and truly upon us, with Christmas trees going up earlier than ever and online shopping filling up our evening’s – it’s fair to say we’re feeling very Christmassy – all we need now is snow, right?

So, gather all your family and friends and sit down to enjoy Park Leisure’s 2021 Christmas Quiz.

Don’t worry, you can take part too as we’ve hidden our answers! Click to ‘find out answers’ at the bottom of the page, no cheating though…

Who can score the closest to 30 points

Music and Carols

What did my true love give to me on the 7th day of Christmas?

What Christmas song is the best-selling single ever?

What year did Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want for Christmas’ get released?

According to the classic FM annual poll, which carol has been voted the UK’s favourite for 4 consecutive years?

Which artist(s) took the Christmas number one in 1996, 1997 and 1998?

Film and TV

In Home Alone where were the McAllister’s going when Kevin got left Home Alone?

Will Ferrell stars as ‘Elf’ in the 2003 movie. What is the name of ‘Elf’s’ character?

In 1994 there was a miracle on what street?

Which Eastenders character died in the square on Christmas Day 2006 after a 22 year stint on the show?

In which children's classic is it 'always winter but never Christmas?


What popular German cake is eaten at Christmas?

In which century was the Christmas Tree brought to England?

When do the 12 days of Christmas end?

Up until the late 1800’s traditional mince pies were made using a meat filling, true or false?

Which food or drink brand allegedly first introduced the red and white Santa Claus costume?

Food and Drink

To the nearest thousand, how many calories does the average Brit consume on Christmas Day?

A swede is a cross between which two vegetables?

Advocaat, lemonade and what other ingredient make up a traditional Snowball drink?

What is the name of the meal consisting of left-over vegetables served on Boxing Day?

What alcohol is traditionally flamed on a Christmas Pudding?

Just For Fun

In 2006 a game console was the top bought children’s gift. What console was it?

Following a UK survey in 2019, which popular chocolate tin was voted Britain’s favourite? Celebrations, Roses, Quality Street or Cadbury Heroes.

What board game is deemed the UK’s favourite to play at Christmas?

On Christmas Day 2018, how many Brits tuned in to live TV to watch the Queen’s Speech (to the nearest million)? 2 million, 6 million, 10 million or 12 million.

What percentage of annual sprout sales are in the 2 week leads up to Christmas? 10%, 25%, 33% or 50%?


Closest answer wins! To the nearest £10, research showed that in 2019 the average Brit spent how much on Christmas gifts?


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