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5 reasons to get excited about Spring

There’s no doubt that March brings about excitement for warmer weather and the fun that comes with it. So, if you’re stuck feeling the winter blues, check out these five things that will surely get you excited for Spring.

Turning the clocks forward –

One of the worst things about winter is how it gets dark so early, whereas spring and summer offer a seemingly endless amount of sunlight. Luckily, we’re almost out of the woods as we turn the clocks forward on Sunday 27th March, mark your calendars!

Spring daffodils –

Nothing says spring like the sight of a yellow carpet of daffodils. These beautiful bulbs typically bloom between February and early May, and vary in colour from deep yellow to almost white. Their delicate trumpet-shaped flowers can bring joy to even a grey April day.


Waking to birds tweeting –

You can definitely look forward to feeling more vibrant in the morning as you wake up to the sound of nature. It will make the dreaded part of getting out of bed in the morning a lot easier, especially when you know you can push the windows open and be greeted by the sweet song of birds rather than an icy wind.

Baby animals –

Nothing marks spring like the sight of lambs and calves hopping around in the fields. Spring is the best time for animals to have young as there is more food for them and the days are warmer for their little ones. Keep a look out for the hedgehogs which are coming out of hibernation soon; if you wanted to put food out for them, they would appreciate tinned dog or cat food, and crushed dog or cat biscuits.


BBQ’s –

The taste of spring is the first BBQ of the year, wood smoked food and fresh salads! Shared with music and a cold cider. We welcome dusting off the BBQ to enjoy these perfect evenings!

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