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Activities for bonfire night at home

As we will all be staying home this bonfire night, we wanted to find a few fun activities to do with your household or over a zoom call with your friends and family.

Make treats!

Make some fun foods inspired by bonfire night from pinwheel pizzas with a tasty desert of smores or toffee apples to get in the true bonfire spirit!

Start by layering some chocolate spread over a biscuit and topping with a marshmallow, place under the grill for 2 minutes to soften and slightly melt the marshmallow. Top with another biscuit to make a sandwich and tuck in!

Firework painting!

Using paper or a canvas, paint and brushes, challenge your family and friends to paint the best firework painting! This can be lifelike or abstract but use your creativity to see what you paint.


Bonfire night quiz

Test your friends and family’s Bonfire night knowledge with a quiz. Here is a 10 question quiz you can use!

1. Where was Guy Fawkes born?

2. IN 2019 how many fireworks were used in the London firework display?

3. In what year did the plot take place?

4. Who played Guy Fawkes in the drama ‘Gumpowder, Treason & Plot’ in 2004?

5. True or false, it was once illegal to celebrate bonfire night

6. How many mph can fireworks reach?

7. Which country invented fireworks?

8. Which King was Guy Fawkes trying to kill?

9. What firework spins round and round?

10. What ingredients makeup the traditional Parkin cake eaten on bonfire night?


1. York

2. 12,000

3. 1605

4. Michael Fassbender

5. True

6. 150 mph

7. China

8. King James 1

9. Catherine wheel

10 Oatmeal, ginger, treacle and syrup

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