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Cocktail Hour

Summer is here, which means it is the perfect time to share our favourite seasonal cocktails with you. Here's five easy cocktails you can make from the comfort of your own home, making summer garden parties and lazy afternoons in the sun even better.

Fruity cocktails

To create beautiful looking cocktails, all you will need are the essentials for mixing up at home; a cocktail shaker, a blender and a muddler. Use your favourite glasses and decorations to really pull out all the stops to wow your guests and treat yourself.

Watermelon Sangria Pitcher

It wouldn't be summer without sangria, and this cocktail is perfect for getting the party started.


Blend the cubed watermelon and sugar until smooth, then strain into your pitcher. Add the white wine, vodka, lime juice and stir well. Add the sparkling water as desired then chill for an hour before serving. Garnish with cubes of watermelon and slices of lime


6 cups cubed watermelon

1-2 cups sugar

750ml white wine

1 cup vodka

1/2 cup fresh lime juice

Sparkling water (optional)


Blueberry Mojito

A twist on a classic, a perfect refreshing drink for lazy summer afternoons.


Blend the blueberries until smooth. Next, using a wooden spoon or muddler, blend in the mint leaves and sugar. Stir in the lime juice and rum then pour into glasses over club soda and ice. Garnish with mint or blueberries if preferred.  


1 cup fresh blueberries

110ml rum

10 fresh mint leaves

2 teaspoons white sugar

Juice of 2 limes

170ml soda water

Ice cubes

Blueberry Mojito

Pink Prosecco

A cooling drink to kick off summer with a touch of class.


Pour the grapefruit juice, vodka and ice into a blender and blend until slushed. Spoon the slush in glasses and top with prosecco.


240ml grapefruit juice

60ml vodka

2 cups ice

360ml pink prosecco

Grapefruit prosecco

Whisky Smash

A classic summer cooler with a fruity twist.


Mash together your strawberries and mint with a muddler, then add the lemon juice, whisky and simple sugar syrup. Seal your cocktail shaker and shake for 60 seconds. Fill your glass halfway with crushed ice, then pour over your mix, top up with additional ice and garnish with a lemon slice


3 strawberries

8 mint leaves

1/2 juiced lemon

60ml whisky

30ml simple sugar syrup

Crushed ice

Whisky Smash

Frozen Raspberry Gin

The perfect boozy slush puppy. Just for adults!


Juice all your limes then add all your ingredients to a blender and mix until smooth. You can top it up with extra soda water for a thinner consistency or garnish with lime wedges or frozen raspberries. Nice and simple,it's our favourite version of a grown up slush puppy!


300g frozen raspberries

4tbsp lime cordial

2 limes (juice only)

50ml gin

250ml soda water

Blueberry Gin
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