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Easter Hunts with a twist

Break the mould this Easter and entertain the kids with an Easter Egg Hunt with a twist, our top tips below are bound to create an Easter Hunt what the little ones are sure to remember.

Tip 1: Activity filled eggs.

Using some plastic eggs, rather than filling them with chocolate fill them with fun tasks and activities to do, such as standing on one leg for a minute or doing 10 star jumps before going off to find the next egg.

Tip 2: Turn your egg hunt into a scavenger hunt.

Using clues to find the next egg along the trial, this is sure to keep the kids busier for longer.

Tip 3: Golden ticket.

Hide a few eggs with a “golden ticket” for kids to find, then at the end allow them to swap this for a bigger prize!

Plastic Easter eggs

Tip 4: Make the word.

Give your hunt an educational twist, hide foam letters within your Easter eggs so at the end all the letters spell out a word.

Tip 5: Bunny footprints.

Create bunny footprints from flour or baby powder for little children to follow to find the eggs.

Tip 6: Lego Easter egg hunt.

Hide pieces of lego in plastic eggs, once they’ve completed the hunt then they can build their lego!

Family Easter egg hunt

Tip 7: Treasure map.

Just like hunting for pirates treasure, create a map of your house or garden and X marks the spot!

Tip 8: Glow in the dark Easter egg hunt.

Using glow sticks in plastic eggs can add a cool spin on an egg hunt for older kids.

Tip 9: Adult Easter egg hunt.

For the perfect Easter party game when the kids have gone to bed. Hide some boozy treats inside some plastic eggs and hide them around the house. Just make sure the kids don’t find them first!

Tip 10: Doggy hunt.

Keep your dog occupied inside by hiding treats around the house and helping them find them.

Easter Eggs in nest

Got a different way to make an Easter egg hunt at home more fun? Let us know, we’d love to hear your ideas!

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