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Our must-watch Christmas films!

We wanted to list our favourite classic Christmas films that are bound to get you into the Christmas spirit this December! So grab a blanket, light a Christmas candle and settle down with a film.

In a Christmas loving town called Whoville, the Grinch lives to ruin Christmas and steal it from the who’s. When a little girl called Cindy Lou makes friends with the Grinch, she plans to show the Grinch how magical Christmas is!

Buddy the elf grows up in the North Pole but notices he is different to the rest...He’s bigger than the rest. His dad tells him that he was adopted from America, so Buddy sails off to find his biological family in the big wide world!

A feel good Christmas film following 8 couples around Christmas in London. Falling in and out of love, young and old, even the prime minister is caught up in his own love story with a house servant in 10 Downing Street. Will all the love stories end up happy this Christmas?

Home Alone is a classic film we have all watched (more than once!). Based on a boy named Kevin who accidently gets left behind when his family go on a trip to Paris. Having the whole house to himself is a real treat until, on Christmas Eve, two robbers try to break into his house. Kevin needs to use his quick whit to bring them to justice.

We all know the character who hates Christmas the most, Ebenezer Scrooge! He is faced with his own story in a grueling nightmare with a ghost of Christmas past, present and future to show the consequences of his miserable actions. Will he change his ways?

This film follows a doubting boy who is questioning Santa Clause. One night before Christmas, he hears the magical sound of Santa’s reindeer which lead him on a magical adventure taking the Polar Express to the North Pole to visit Santa. Will the young boy keep Christmas magic alive by believing?

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