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Simple ways to make your daily walk more fun

The humble walk has some great health benefits for burns calories, improves heart health, eases joint pain, improves our mood and boosts our immune function (to name a few!). However, like many Brits who have taken to the streets for a 30-60 minute walk each day, are you struggling to keep the enjoyment of your daily walk? Here's a few ways you can mix up your daily walk to keep your energy levels up!

1. Make it a wildlife walk

If you're luck enough to live close to a field, woods or rural area, take a walk on the wild side! There's a lot of wildlife around, if you know where to look for it. Just stick to three golden rules; be quiet, be patient and do your research so you know what to look for. Take pictures if you're unsure what you're seeing and do some digging in wildlife books, forums and websites when you're home.


2. Listen to a podcast

Podcasts have taken the world by storm! You can now download podcasts about your favourite TV shows, current affairs, your favourite interests and even fictional crime thrillers!

3. Bury a time capsule

A tech-free classic, the time capsule was a popular choice with parents and children in the 90's! Simply fill a box with the hope of somebody finding it in the future! Things to include in your time capsule include...a little bit about yourself, your hand prints, a moment in history (describe what it's like to live during the COVID-19 pandemic), something about your community and a future letter for yourself - you could even include photographs and trinkets!

Child listening to music

4. Try active meditation

It's a common misconception that meditation requires you to sit cross-legged on the floor humming. Active meditation whilst walking practices listening to every step and breath our body takes, and when we feel our mind wander...make a conscious effort to feel and listen to every step and breath again.

5. Give geocaching a try

For the adventurous walkers of the group. Geocaching is referred to as 'the world's biggest treasure hunt'. Simply download the app, navigate to a geocache near you, once you find the hidden geocache, sign the log book and place the geocache back where you found it.


6. Get lost in your favourite audiobook

If you're a little bit of a bookworm and can't wait to turn that next page once you get into a good book, audiobooks may be for you! Imagine, the only way to get your fix was to go for a walk to, it works perfectly hand in hand. If books aren't usually for you, walking whilst listening to an audiobook can often help you get into the story line with zero distractions.

7. Add some intensity

Why not give yourself a bit of a challenge if walking is a bit too easy for you? Try walking in intervals; 3 minutes normal pace followed by 3 minutes brisk pace. Or set yourself timed challenges to reach a landmark along your route.

Trainers walking

8. Listen to some music

Maybe an obvious choice, but listening to a few of your favourite songs can help to uplift you and bring an extra dynamic to your walk; the time will just fly away!

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