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Spooktacular Halloween Crafts

Whether you’re spending your Halloween at home, in your holiday home or on holiday at one of our parks, you can get yourself in the seasonal spirit with some of our Halloween crafts. Great for boredom busting with the kids and creating some memories or just having a bit of chill time and getting crafty on your own.

Hand painting eyeball on a rock, some pots of paint in the background and a mummy rock and bat rock
Paint & hide some Halloween rocks

Rock painting

Paint some colourful Halloween themed rocks and then leave them out for others to find whilst on their adventures.

Large leafs painted white with faces to look like ghosts
Craft with some autumnal leaves

Make some ghostly leaves to hang as decorations

Collect different shaped leaves from around your garden, paint them all a ghostly white and draw them some spooky faces. You can then hang these as a garland around your house!

A pumpkin carved into a one eyed monster
Carve your own pumpkin

Pumpkin carving

It just wouldn’t be Halloween without a spot of pumpkin carving! Keep up the yearly tradition and create an array of pumpkins for around your home.

Green soap in the shape of ghosts and stars
Spooky ghost soaps

Ghost soaps

Even washing your hands can have a Halloween theme! Using a silicone ghost mould (or other spooky mould of choice), some soap base and your choice of fragrance, you can make some simple Halloween soaps that everyone will want to use!

Small orange crotchet pumpkin with green stem
Cute crotchet pumpkin

Cute crotchet pumpkins

Make these cute little pumpkins as decorations or toys. There’s 1000’s of different tutorials around to choose from so there’s sure to be one for every crotchetier from newbies to complete pros!

Grave stone papier mache trophies
Make your own trophies

Make your own trophies

Make Halloween extra fun by organising your own quiz or costume competition. Then, using some wooden blanks, some papier-mâché and some paint make your own spooky graveyard trophies.

Giant pumpkin shape made from orange and green tissue paper
Poke the pumpkin to find out if you've won a trick or a treat

Poke the pumpkin

A simple craft project to create a fun game for all ages! Using paper cups, create the shape of the pumpkin, fill your cups full of tricks or treats then cover the tops of your cups with coloured tissue paper and an elastic band. Then let the fun begin as everyone pokes their chosen cup and wins some tricks or treats!

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