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Take a hike for National Take a Hike Day!

The 17th November sees National Take a Hike Day. This day celebrates the amazing walking and hiking opportunities the UK has to offer, and is a great way of reconnecting with nature, and really appreciating our surroundings. Not only that, there are many great physical and mental benefits of walking too!

Why walking and hiking are so great…

They’re a great way to exercise

Whether you choose to walk a few miles, or simply walk around the block, walking is a great way of taking part in some physical activity, no matter what your ability level is. There are many benefits of walking including, improved heart health, strengthening of muscles, increased lung capacity, and burning fat. But not only does it help you physically, it’s proven that regular walking also improves your mood, and can help reduce stress and depressions and generally enhances your mental health.

Couple walking dog in countryside
Walking improves both your physical and mental health

It’s a good chance to spend quality time together

With many people living busy lives, we don’t always get to spend as much time together as we might like. So whether you head out with your family, and explore some fun trails with the kids, or you and a friend use it as a way of catching up, the choice is yours! Alternatively, if you prefer to walk alone, why not grab your headphones and listen to your favourite music to keep you motivated, or even try a podcast for something different.

Family walking the in woods
Spend quality time walking together

It’s good to get some fresh air

Lately many of us have spent a lot of time indoors, and during winter, we often get put off by the bad weather and dark nights but it’s especially important to get outside when you can during this time. So get your walking boots on, wrap up warm and take a hike!

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