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Time to Unwind - 4 Reasons to Get Outside this World Wellbeing Week

There’s always a reason to get outside; come rain or shine our bodies and brains need that recharge and there’s no better feeling than filling up those lungs with fresh coastal or country air.

This World Wellbeing Week we’re focusing on how you can make the most of your time on park by feeling good in the great outdoors.Get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, let’s face it, modern life is fast-paced and there’s little escape thanks to immediate news and social media in our pockets. Your holiday home is the perfect sanctuary for rest and relaxation; less demands, less stress and all the stunning scenery you can soak up to recharge your batteries and reconnect with friends and family!

We’ve put together a little reminder of all those reasons we should make some time for ourselves and get outside more! Plus, there’s all the cosy rewards to return to after a day out, such as a glass of wine, maybe a barbecue, or just an evening spent sat outside taking in your beautiful surroundings.

1) Feel better mentally and physically

Man overlooking stunning mountain view at sunset

Holiday time is precious, which is why we encourage more of it with a 12-month season at our parks. The chance to switch off and leave everything behind is really important and getting outside a bit more, as we all tend to do when we’re away, has significant benefits on both our mental and physical health. You breathe deeper, you think clearer - if you’ve ever suffered with stress or anxiety, you’ve probably noticed the correlation between increasing calm and a short stroll, quick jog or day out with the family. We break our repetitive thought patterns, our sometimes overwhelming routine and we get back to what matters most, time away and time together. You might find all that fresh air helps with sleep too, which is another boost to overall well-being.

2) Being in nature is a natural energy boost

Family walking in sunlit fields with woodland in the background

It’s in our genetic makeup to crave the outdoors and it recharges our energy stores. We naturally let go of tension when surrounded by greenery, so couple that with a walk, run or bike ride and you’ll feel great! Pretty amazing! It’s no wonder we all crave holidays so much - our brains just aren’t wired for so much time indoors. With parks located in the UK’s most stunning coastal and countryside locations, you get out there and do as much or as little as you like. Soak up the sounds of crashing waves or the rustle of the trees, whether you’re pushing yourself with some exercise or simply taking in the surrounding at a peaceful pace.

3) Vitamin D

Couple walking with dog through woodlands in Autumn

Our day-to-day lives are often very indoor-based, so besides the energy boost we mentioned above, the need for vitamin D is real! Our bodies need this super boost for healthy bones and it comes almost solely from (safe) exposure to sunlight; and, it’s far better to soak up some rays rather than take a tablet! The UK may have sketchy sun patterns, but it’s there and it’s enough to give you a healthy glow if you just take the time to get outside.  

4) Make some memories

Older couples enjoying dinner, laughing and toasting with wine

If we waited for the perfect weather, we’d miss a lot! So, come rain or shine, take your chance, get outside and make some memories to last a lifetime. From beach combing and some body-boarding to picnics with a panoramic view of stunning countryside, our parks have something to offer even the fussiest of memory makers. Whether you have little ones to entertain, or you’re just looking for some peace and tranquility, you can still create an itinerary to remember. There’s always plenty to see and do no matter which park you choose, so get up and get out there - adventure awaits (or maybe just a tranquil sunset - it’s all there for the taking). Speak to your park team for recommendations for your local area.

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Of course, there’s no substitute for seeing these parks for yourself, so you might want to book onto one of our park open days, designed to give you a unique insight of each park’s personality. Get a glimpse of the Park Leisure luxury lifestyle and, of course, get access to view and tour the stunning range of holiday homes and lodges on offer.

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