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Top-notch Tips for Winter Wonderland Getaways

Packing and prepping for any holiday can be a stressful experience, but when it’s not your standard sunny break, the normal go-tos for your getaway may have to stay at home.

Winter holidays are a complete contrast to those summer vacations you may be used to and therefore require you to prep and pack differently. That’s why we’ve put together a nifty guide of tips, tricks and advice of everything you need to know when packing and planning your winter staycation.

Pack the essentials (and then some):

Holiday essentials look a little different in the winter months and packing lightly just isn’t an option. Colder weather means you’ll need room for not only jackets, hats, scarves, and wellies but layers, layers, layers! Layering clothes is the best way to keep the heat in and insulate yourself when venturing outside. It also means if any clothes get wet from rain or snow, you’ll always have something dry to change into.

Winter clothes

Don’t forget your medicine (or your sun cream):

Just because you're on holiday, doesn’t mean you can’t catch a cold. As flu and colds are more prevalent in winter months, so it’s best to be prepared, packing cough and cold remedies with you just in case.

There may not be lots of sun, but you’ll still need sun cream! Snow glare and bright winter sunshine can still cause you to burn, so despite the cold you still need protection from UV rays.

Engaging entertainment:

Whilst you may be out and about a lot on your staycation, limited day light and colder weather may mean you’re spending more time inside then you would normally. To avoid your kids, (and yourself), being glued to screens, pack some board games, card games and crafts that you can do together.

Board games

Winter driving:

Taking a staycation is the perfect way to cut out international expensive travel and the stress that comes with it, and although that means no airports, driving to your destination, especially during winter months, comes with its own challenges. De-icer, an ice scraper and a full tank of fuel is a must.

Car health check:

Ensuring all is well with your car before you travel is vital. Gritted roads and icy conditions can impact your car in different ways, so you need to be prepared for this.

This includes checking your car’s anti-freeze levels, oil levels and screen wash levels are all as they should be, and that your wiper blades clear the windscreen without leaving streaks and smudges. Checking your tyre pressure and that your lights are bright and clear are extras you can do before you embark on your drive.

Longer drives:

Drives can be longer in the winter due to weather conditions, roads or holiday traffic. So, make sure you prepare for longer journeys, brining snacks, water and things to keep the children entertained. It’s also a good idea to pack an emergency breakdown bag, with things like a shovel, torch and a high-viability vest.

Driving in snow

Make the most of your day:

As the nights draw in, planning your day around when the sun sets is crucial to making the most of the winter daylight. Checking the time of sunrise and sunset during your time away is the best way to enjoy any of outdoor activities or excursions you have planned in the sunlight, and as the sun tends to rise between 7am and 8am, you’ll still get in a bit of a lie in before you start your day.

If you’re looking to book your next winter getaway, discover our great park locations:

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