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What are the caravan park fees for?

Something to take into account when buying your caravan is the park fees, also known as site fees or pitch fees. So, what are park site fees for and what do they cover? The below will help you establish the basics what is covered in your caravan park site fees, although it’s important to remember all caravan parks tend to have slightly different things covered in their costs.

Essential maintenance

Each park will have its day-to-day running costs and maintenance of the park. Park fees usually include any upkeep to the park and the grounds, gardens, drainage systems, tools for the jobs, any facilities on-park that need to be maintained and also the people to keep these areas updated and looking and working their best.

Access to the park all year round

Included in your park fees is access to your holiday home and the park. All of our parks have a full 12-month season, allowing you access to your caravan anytime of year, you can even spend Christmas in your caravan! Not sure when to buy your caravan to make the most of the full 12-month season? Check out our handy guide here.


All of our parks have various security measures in place to ensure the safety and security of you, your friends and family, and your caravan.

View from Plas Coch

Your pitch

Static caravan park costs will generally cover the pitch your caravan is sited on. Although you own your caravan, the park owns the land it is sited on. Essentially, you’re renting the land to host your caravan on. There may be different costs based on where your pitch is in the park with the more desirable locations being a little higher in cost.

Our site fees

Our site fees range from anywhere between £3,645 and £9,275.

The fees are determined by various factors, including the size of the park, the desirability of the area, the facilities available on the park such as swimming pools and children’s play areas.

Optional costs to consider

Decking – Decking packages can range from a small decking on one side of your caravan to a full customised spec decking to suit your needs.

Winterisation – Key for protecting your holiday home during winter. Our winterisation package will drain down your caravan in winter, making sure your pipes don’t freeze over the colder months. Then when you return to the park in warmer months we’ll drain up your caravan ready to be used again.

Interior and exterior cleans – keep your caravan looking spick and span with our cleaning packages. Great for anyone who wants a hassle-free holiday home experience.

Other essential costs to take into account

Gas, electric & water – The same as you would running a home, your holiday home will have these essential costs too.

Insurance – To protect your holiday home insurance is vital for if the worst should happen.

Annual gas safety tests – Ensuring your safety, these tests are compulsory on our parks and give you great piece of mind to know that you and your family are safe.

For more information about what’s included in your site fees, you can check out our buyers guide here.

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