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Why a beach clean should be on your agenda in 2021

With many of our parks located near the spectacular UK coast, it’s important that we continue to take care of the incredible coastline to protect it’s beauty for us all to enjoy, and, most importantly, to ensure we look after the environment and the marine life too.

This new year, see how you can help to keep our beautiful beaches clean and safe.

What is a beach clean?

Throughout the year, many people gather together and volunteer to clean up a local beach, this can be in an organised group, or individuals who want to do their bit to help the local environment. This activity is extremely popular in January, when the beaches are quiet, and often people have a new year’s resolution to embark on. Taking part in a beach clean is a great way to get some exercise and help the environment at the same time too!

During the clean, volunteers collect rubbish they find along the coast, then at the end separate any recyclables to dispose of responsibly. Collecting rubbish makes the beach a nicer and safer place for everyone to enjoy and also improves the ocean ecosystem.

Picking up plastic bottle
Collecting rubbish makes the beach a nicer and safer place for everyone to enjoy.

How do beach cleans help the environment?

The most common items found during a beach clean include plastic, lost fishing gear and domestic rubbish, all of which cause a huge threat to marine life, as animals such as seals, birds and fish, can become entangled or swallow the harmful items. As well as this, rubbish can also affect the quality of the ocean water, making it polluted and unsafe for bathers, and sea life too.

By removing rubbish from the coast, you’re helping protect both wildlife and the ocean.

Grey seal
Removing rubbish from the coast helps to protect both wildlife and the ocean.

Organising a beach clean

The National Trust run regular beach cleans through the year, you can find more information about their upcoming events here. Alternatively, you can organise your own for you an your family. Firstly, ensure you have the right equipment before you start, this should include well-protected gloves, and a reusable sack to put the rubbish in. After the beach clean, ensure you separate all of the rubbish into items that can be recycled, and dispose of them correctly.

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