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Winter Is the New Summer; 4 Reasons to Love Out-of-Season Getaways


It’s no secret that most of us live for holidays. There’s just something about that getaway feeling we all can’t help but hanker for.

Whether you’re stepping away from a busy office, taking a break to grab some family time with the kids or just simply looking for a change of scenery and a chance to unwind or explore...we all need to escape the ordinary from time to time. So, why wait until Summer?

We offer a twelve-month season at our 5-Star parks, which means with us, luxury  holidays are not just for the summer months. Think frosty morning walks across the countryside, chilly but stunningly bright mornings on the coast, or just watching the world go by from the comfort of your luxury holiday home. You don’t have to be into the great outdoors to make the most of a winter break.

Maybe you’re already one of our holiday home owners but you feel you’ve not really fully explored the chance to make the most of the winter seasons? Or maybe you’re on the fence about holiday homes and wondering if they’re for you? With a mix of ownership and holidays available there’s something for everyone, no matter the season.

We’ve put together some reasons to love an out-of-season getaway, why not try it?

1. Seasons shed new light on beautiful locations

Make no mistake, we all love a sunny day by the beach, or a walk through woods. But there’s so much beauty in the colder months that we tend to forget. There’s something to be said for the rejuvenating effect of those fresh, icy days - perfect for blowing away the cobwebs; and there’s something mesmerisingly beautiful about watching storms and rain over the coast. And of course, that’s not forgetting the beauty of snow-capped countryside and mountains -some of nature’s most precious gifts.

On many of our parks and in the surrounding areas, we have lakes, fields, sea, sand, precious national heritage sites and more. See them in a different light!


2. Peace and quiet

We’ve all been there. We finally get away, only to find the rest of the world has had the same idea. Having your own holiday home or visiting one of our parks for a holiday means no sprawling hotel complex, no queuing for a lacklustre buffet; it means your break, your way as part of a small, 5-Star Park Leisure community. Cook in the comfort of your luxury holiday home or lodge, or visit one of our on-park restaurants (where available). Plus, our on-park team is always on hand with recommendations for the best local events, activities and more.

With our parks in handpicked, tranquil locations, another plus point for the winter break is that your activities and days out are traditionally less crowded. You and your family get to make the most of your precious downtime, free from the hustle and bustle of the beaten track.


3. Savings on activities and days out

You’ll often find that tickets, passes, entry fees and days out are that bit cheaper in the colder months. As lots of attractions also operate in ‘seasons’, you can save money on doing things you might not otherwise have done. We know family days with the kids can be an expensive affair - so you might be surprised at the money that can be saved on a winter break!

4. Beat the blues

Many of us miss the Sun when it’s colder, especially from January to March before the days start to get longer. Light can be low and sunlight can seem in achingly short supply. It’s proven that we feel the impact of lack of daylight, especially if we’re trapped inside at work!

One of the best ways to tackle this feeling is to get outdoors as much as possible and take in that natural light; what better way than stepping outside to a view or a long walk in one of those long winter months? We know pets are also a great remedy for low mood, and our parks are all pet-friendly, so whether you’re on four legs or two, there’s plenty of opportunity to head out on foot to explore together!


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