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Subletting your holiday home

Subletting your holiday home

Earn an income when you're not using your holiday home...

Owning a holiday home with Park Leisure is a wonderful lifestyle investment that will bring you endless holidays and amazing memories with your loved ones.

Our parks are open all year-round, giving you plenty of opportunity to visit throughout all four-seasons, explore the incredible local area, and share your new holiday home with family and friends. As an owner, there may be times when you choose not to use your holiday home, but the great news is that with our sublet scheme, not only can enjoy your holiday home whenever it suits you throughout the year, but when you’re not using it, you can also earn an income to help off-set the running costs.

With high demand for UK staycations, there's never been a better time to join our sublet scheme and maximise your potential to earn an income from your holiday home.

What is subletting?

If you decide not to use your holiday home at certain times throughout the year, joining our sublet scheme could be for you. It's a great, hassle-free way to earn money during the times you choose not to visit by allowing us to let your holiday home out on your behalf to our holidaymakers who love to visit the park just as much as you do. Your earnt income will then go towards your holiday home running costs.

Please contact our team to find out more on subletting, or to book your park appointment.

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How does the sublet scheme work?

When you have chosen your perfect holiday park, and holiday home, simply tell us the weeks you wish to sublet your holiday and leave the rest to us.

Our team will manage all aspects of your customer holiday bookings, from marketing your holiday home on our website and through our selected booking agents, through to cleaning your holiday home in preparation for your guests’ arrival, and collecting all payments to credit to your owner account.

Please contact our team for more information on how our sublet scheme works, or to book your park appointment.

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There are so many reasons to join

The benefits of subletting...

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N.B. All holiday home images are for visual purposes only. All holiday homes will be provided according to the grade booked, however the holiday home model may vary upon arrival.

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